Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

Tainan / Confucius Temple / Anping

Mooore pictures.

現在時間11:06 xD Many temples have this kind of sign and tell you the date and time.

Confucius Shrine, there is a school next to it.

Confucius welcomes you! Unfortunately we didn't hear Confucius' band play.

It's more elegant than most of us will ever be ;)

Their expression is amazing, but...

...this one is even better.

The Literature God Pavilion

 Old martial arts training hall, built by the Japanese. Now part of the school next to the Confucius temple.

Well, we thought Anping wasn't that far from the Confucius temple, so we walked. Actually it's about 7 km and we didn't eat anything, so we were starving and kind of exhausted, when we arrived. But it was still an amazing place.

Anping Fort, had a great and super friendly atmosphere, which I unfortunately couldn't catch in my pictures. But somehow everyone seemed very happy and relaxed.

 The lighthouse.

If you ever trravel to Taiwan, you shouldn't miss Tainan and I would definetely recommend Anping! I guess I will go there again and next time, I will take more pictures in Anping itself to show you why I thought it was especially nice :)

Baibai <3

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