Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Japanese weddings

Never say 'I'll blog about it tomorrow' and then don't.
I'm sorry xD

The days here were quite full and the only internet access I had was an internet cafe. But of course I couldn't use my own laptop there and I didn't have time to prepare pictures at home blahblah... ヽ(´~`;)
From tomorrow on I will have internet the whole time, so probably it will be easier and more convenient to blog ((・▽・))

To be honest I find it not very interesting to read blog entries like 'my first day in tokyo', 'day 7 in shanghai', where people just list everything they did... so if I can I will categorize my posts more topic-related or at least write about 'special' moments ;)

This time in Japan we were really lucky, because we witnessed two weddings in big, popular shrines by chance. The first one was at Meiji-shrine in Tokyo and the second one at Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu in Kamakura. We went there with a Japanese friend and it was also his first time to see a wedding at a place like this.

Unfortunately the pictures I took have a pretty bad quality, because I had to hurry.

bride and groom are walking under the umbrella

the couple, priests and miko (I like the mikos' garments so much  (●´□`)♡)

The couple was happily laughing all the time and even showing v sign for the photographers - and there were a lot. At first a man ran in the middle of the shrine and shouted 'Out of the way! A wedding procession!' and everyone gathered at the side and took photos and waved at the bridal couple. Actually I would have imagined a traditional wedding like this to be serious and strict, but the atmosphere was so positive and happy - it was beautiful (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

In Kamakura we didn't see the procession, but the ceremony itself, which was nice too.

inside of the building you can see persons standing because of the ceremony

the music was wonderful!

At the right you can see the priests and miko leaving and on the left you can see bride and groom. This time the bride wasn't wearing the headpiece, she had a beautiful and decorated updo instead. A Japanese friend told me once the big headpiece is for hiding the woman's devilish horns  (*≧▽≦)

The couple had a lot of (professional) photographers hired, but they couldn't take any good pictures, because there was a big group of little children, who jumped in every photo. The bride was smiling desperately all the time, but the photographers got really angry. The couple's relatives looked really unhappy too. When we went back to the entrance we saw there was already a new couple coming! I would like to know if they managed to take a good picture and leave before the new couple arrived...

Baibai <3


  1. I think it's a good idea to put a topic on a post. I think I did a mix of diary and theme report in my blog.

    And you're lucky to have seen such a nice wedding couple! I came across of 2 weddings, and both were very strict and did not really want others to take photos..

    1. Sometimes it's so hard lol I'm thinking way too much about whether this or that topic might be interesting. But sometimes showing just a few pictures is the best to describe a nice place XD

  2. I HATE thos "prove you are not a robot" typing tests!!!! I had to try 4-5 times to get my last comment posted...