Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012


I got a new phone and I plan to post my snapshots from time to time. The quality might be poor, but perhaps you still want to take a look :)

I like this kind of small streets, but all the motorbikes are getting on my nerves.

One of our neighbourhood's cats, there are some dogs too. Many pets in our neighbourhood get fed by their 'owners', but are not allowed to enter their houses, so they practically live on the street anyway.

Christmas Edition - No idea what it was, but it was nice :)

Our newest discovery! A good friend introduced it to us :) I think it's some modification of the Japanese Daifuku. However it has strawberries and some kind of cream inside (but not heavy at all!).. it's sooo delicious!

um... what?

Some people might not know: Right side standing, left side walking! Always!
Oh, and Taiwanese people like to stand ;)

'Poultry and pet birds may not be brought into Taipei Metro stations."

Good, that this guy had no intention to use the Metro. They crossed the street after I took the picture and they are often around this area together - so maybe really pet birds??

Taida Campus (my ninja's university)

on my campus...

Frohe Weihnachten!

Baibai <3

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