Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Danshui / Tamsui

Some days ago we could finally bring ourselves to get up and leave Taipei for a trip after we (especially I) had to deal with an abnormal need to sleep for about two weeks. I was told by my nice classmate from Ukraine, that most Europeans have to get through that after moving to an Asian country for 'more than holiday'. I really hope the worst is over now because I haven't seen much more than Taipei by now and well... Taipei is... that's maybe worth another blogpost (^__-)

Our plan was to go to 'the beach' - we didn't really care where exactly so we chose the one, which was the most convenient to reach. When we arrived in Danshui (if I don't use English names, I will consequently support pinyin in my posts!!), where we were supposed to change trains, we decided to stay. The nice atmosphere attracted our attention, I didn't really catch it in the pictures though... (´∩`。)

Many women in Asia use umbrellas to protect themselves against the sun.. And if there is sudden rain, they always have their umbrella with them - useful!
Every convenient store sells them and there are even shops, that sell nothing but umbrellas. Some of them give discount on sunny days, but if it's raining you will have to pay 10-20% more than usual.
It seems that most umbrellas here are much lighter and smaller, so you can carry them around in your bag easily.

By the way... the character for umbrella sǎn is so lovely! 
You should know is the character for persons, so with some imagination it's just a picture of four persons under an umbrella!

My teacher always says 'Who wears clothes but no shoes? The dogs of Taipei!", because many people here have their small dogs dressed up or decorated with hairclips etc. Well, yes, not this one, but you never know what it keeps in his wardrobe at home (≧∇≦) I was told some people get a dog instead of getting children, especially when they are not in a partnership, because they are soo~ lonely ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Crusty sausages - You can find them everywhere in Taipei, they also sell them as a snack at the cinema!

We bought a strawberry&cherry one like the ones in the front - but, oh! Surprise! It was actually strawberry and tomato! I would never have expected that, but: It was delicious! ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

Impressive, isn't it? ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏

Some Kitsch at the end :)

Baibai <3

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  1. sieht total schön aus da :)
    hab mich gefreut, mal wieder was hier lesen zu können - danke !!