Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

Kai Thod Krathiem Prik Thai

Exams are coming and my fear slowly turns into sheer desperation!
Since a couple of years I always do the same if I am very stressed: I try to calm down and cook something, that is (hopefully) very yummy. Cooking is the most relaxing activity I know so far, but I have to be totally alone when cooking and it has to be some 'special' dish. Just saying It wouldn't work with spaghetti!

Kai Thod Krathiem Prik Thai was one of the first thai dishes my ninja (I asked my boyfriend what I should call him on my blog. He wants to be called ninja... yeah...  (*´ェ`*) ) showed me. It is very easy, but still so yummy! Like many other thai dishes the name just stands for the ingredients:
Kai Thod : stir-fried chicken
Krathiem : garlic
Prik Thai : pepper
(at least that's what he translated)

You can find the recipe I used as a base here:
Please read it for a more detailed explanation.

I used:
chicken breast
seasoning sauce
fish sauce
oyster sauce

These are the main ingredients.
First, stir-fry the meat, then remove. Second, stir-fry coriander, garlic and pepper.

Add sauces to personal taste (which normally means a lot of everything in my case).

Add meat again and mix.

Finished! It's so easy! But omg - it was tasty!  (*´▽`*)

I served it with Thai Tea, maybe my favourite drink on earth. It's the best ice-cold, sweetened with milk or lemon.
If you go to a Thai restaurant the next time, you should order Cha Yen!

This is what it looks like served in my favourite Thai restaurant. Yummy!
It's famous for the orange colour.
So please try it!

Btw how do you calm down in difficult situations? Any tips?

Baibai <3


  1. Ich liebe Thai Eistee - aber wo bekomme ich so ne Flasche her T_T Noch nie im Asia Laden gesehen :/

    1. Also ich hab das bei meinem Lieblings-Asiaten in Berlin gekauft, die hatten da aber auch erst Schwierigkeiten zu verstehen, was ich genau will.. und ich hatte ja sogar nen Übersetzer dabei! ;D

      Hab das aber mal bei amazon gesucht und voila!

      Das ist genau der, den ich auch hab. Ist halt ne Riiiiesenpackung^-^

  2. Den Thai Eistee will ich unbedingt mal Probieren, sieht so yumm yummy aus ^___^
    Gabby :)

    1. Mach das, wenn du die Chance dazu hast! Es ist sooo gut *-*
      Kafei yen (eiskalter, süßer Kaffee) ist auch total yummy <3