Freitag, 24. August 2012

How Japanese get wealthy!

cranes are a symbol of luck

beautiful rainbow

There are many ways to be lucky in Japan! In Germany you would most likely get misfortune, for example by seeing a black cat crossing the street.

at shrines: write your wishes on it

funny note for Tanabata

...which you can find on 'trees' like the one of the left. On the right you can see me in 2009 ;)

This is more for fortune-telling. You have to find your zodiac sign and your blood type and grab the envelope, which contains a little letter about your future.

lucky-charm-shops at a shrine

But one of the most interesting and funny things we did was this time in Kamakura. We went to a shrine, where you could wash your money to become wealthy!

grab one of those baskets...
...and go in the cave to wash your money!
I even saw people washing bills! Maybe they had financial problems...

Baibai <3

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  1. Geldwäsche mal wörtlich genommen XD
    Aber interessant - das war mir gar nicht aufgefallen.